Wonderful Clients Wed

Mark and Monica, of listening-to-Sinatra-and-emailing-me-a-pic-from-their-window fame finally got married out at the Basin Harbor Club in Vergennes.

It had been threatening rain most of the day, and Mark had been tracking a major storm with his iPhone, but the tempest held off just long enough for them to exchange vows and dance to the Etta James classic At Last.

You can see that for one couple, they had quite the compliment of paparazzi documenting the event.

Monica was also kind enough to email Beth, the wedding coordinator at Basin Harbor with a glowing recommendation of me:

We definitely recommend her wholeheartedly, especially for a non-traditional, secular-but-don’t-want-a-boring-judge, “spiritual-but-not-religious” ceremony.  She was great!

Clearly a woman who knows how to reflect one’s marketing/branding when she sees it!  Thanks Monica!

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