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Jerry and Ken_2

Jerry and Ken had their wedding up at the beautiful Black Bear Inn in Bolton this afternoon.

Around 4pm, about 10 of their family and friends gathered in the woods next to an altar and waited for the guys to cross the little wooden bridge to the clearing.

Just as they came to stand in front of me, and I took a deep breath to begin the ceremony, one of the guys in the wedding party stepped up and, seemingly, put his hand on my chest in a rather…intimate way.

Turns out he was just clearing away a big bug, but I told the assembled that I’d never been hit on at the altar before.

It was probably a good thing he intervened.  You can see that this was a rather form fitting dress and if a big bug had crawled down there…well…all I can say is that Ken and Jerry didn’t pay for a naked, thrashing Officiant.  Hardly spiritual or religious.  Unless maybe I was a Pentecostal.

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