About Me

Along with being an actor, writer, and yoga teacher, I’m also an ordained minister with the Universal Life Church, a 60s-era hippie church out of Modesto, California which believes in democratizing the marital process.

I got ordained and started officiating because I’d attended the wedding of friends who’d been married by a judge in a dry, non-spiritual, deeply boring ceremony (no offense to judges in general but this one was a dud).

I knew that many friends heading to the altar were spiritual but not religious, and I figured there had to be a non-denominational way of infusing their ceremonies with heart, spirit, and meaning.

You can read more here about the difference between my work and a Justice of the Peace.

In my Other Life, I’m going to grad school for clinical mental health counseling. I also write a lot of songs, ┬ádo theater, play music, practice yoga, and garden (erratically but enthusiastically) in the summertime.

I live in the woods of Charlotte, Vermont with my husband Mark and two undeniably sexy cats.