Your Ceremony

The Heart of The Wedding

Rhoda and Jes

In the midst of all the guest lists and clothing choices and flower selections, is the ceremony itself. This is the moment when you pledge yourself to your partner, to the sanctity, well-being, and ongoing tending of your relationship. This is a public statement of personal commitment, and the whole reason for bringing your community together.

Just as in all the other choices you’re making around this landmark event, you want your ceremony to be reflective of who you are as individuals and how you have come together to transform yourselves into a couple.

You’re searching for the best combination of tradition and novelty, humor and heart, meaning and magic. You want a ritual created just for you, and presided over by someone who can create the right atmosphere, and support your vision for how your union unfolds.

That is exactly what I am here to help you do.

Mala and Colin

Creating Your Ceremony

When we meet to discuss your wedding plans, I’ll ask you about your relationship and your reasons for getting married.

We’ll talk about what you’ve envisioned for the ceremony and whether you want to write it yourselves, have me write it, or create it collaboratively.

We’ll incorporate all the readings, songs, and rituals you love the most, and include all the friends and family you’d like to (or need to for the sake of family politics) have participate.

The ceremony is all about your relationship as you define it, and what it means to you to publicly enter into a serious commitment, and I am here to support you in that process.

Chastity and Lenore – Photo by Karen Pike