Weddings Cause Brain Leakage

Greg and Ricky

Greg and Ricky – cute as can be!  They moved to Burlington last year from Atlanta searching for a better life and they are nothing but pleased with the results.

They’ve been together for years, bought property, relocated a great distance, so you wouldn’t think that getting married would be such a big deal.  But, of course, it is.  There’s something about combining a ceremony uniting two souls with a giant heap of social justice that just makes a moment both intense and grand.

And which sometimes makes the Marrying Folk a little spazzy-in-the-brain.

In this case, we were doing fine until we got to the ring exchange.  Ricky went first, and when it was time to place the ring on Greg’s finger, he totally stalled out.  Brain Freeze of Epic Proportions.

We waited.  I asked if everything was ok.  And this grown man, a financial manager of Great Responsibility, shook and said, “I don’t know right from left.”

Greg proffered the correct hand, and we moved forward to the end without incident.

That’s all to say that if you’re feeling at all nervous about your upcoming nuptials, and have a Mean Voice in your head telling you that you shouldn’t feel nervous, go ahead and tell that voice to leap quickly out the nearest window because you have every right in the world to be nervous.

And you can tell Mean Voice that I said so.

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