Dam Wedding!

Shawna and Erick had been together 10 years, but not been interested in getting married.  Mostly because Shawna dreaded a big wedding.  They’d even started planning a ceremony, but when the guest list got up to 150 people, she put the kibosh on the whole thing.

Erick had grown up camping at Little River State Park in Waterbury, Vermont.  So, rather than give up on marriage completely, they decided to get a few family members together and make a quick afternoon of it.

They chose to have the ceremony in the middle of a long, low dam (cause of the beautiful lake pictured above).  They asked everyone to walk out first.

And then hand-in-hand, and totally chill, they strolled out to meet us for the ceremony.

You’ll note Erick wearing his formal Red Sox jersey and Gramma Nana with her walker, who withstood the sun far better than I did.  She also described her favorite moment of family camping at the park, which was coming out to the dam with drinks and a blanket to lie down and look at the stars while the ranger told them all stories.

All proving, once again, that you don’t need much to make a beautiful day.

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