Utter Sweetness!

I got the sweetest thank-you note from Kristen and Justin, who got married in a lovely lakeside ceremony in upstate New York (yes, I do cross the border sometimes!).

Thank you once again for making our ceremony perfect.  It was the most accurate description of Justin and me.  It brought out many different emotions from not only us but our families too.  Everyone was crying at one point, even Justin’s dad 🙂  We cannot thank you enough for the beautiful job you did for us.  I wish you could have stayed a bit longer to celebrate!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

-Justin and Kristen Delisle

I really have to thank them back for sharing as much of themselves with me as they did, and for being willing to have both poignancy, romance, and humor in the ceremony.

And in case you’re wondering what poignancy, romance, and humor actually look like in action, here’s an excerpt from their ceremony:

You know the ease with which you communicate and share and engage with the world, and the huge amount of trust and respect which you bring to your partnership.  Well, trust and respect, but also pizza, chicken wings, Chinese and ice cream.  Proof positive that you are, indeed, the male and female versions of exactly the same person.

You also know exactly how much you adore each other.  Kristen, you know Justin loves your personality, and how much fun you are to be around, and really, he loves pretty much everything about you.  Justin, you know Kristen thinks you’re the most caring man she’s ever met, and that she relishes your generosity, your work ethic, and your mere presence, which gives her so much comfort.  You also have no idea how fortunate you are to have found a woman to whom you can communicate the power of your feelings through a judicious and masterful use of greeting cards.  Once again, proof positive that you are the same person.

They’re a totally delightful couple, and I wish them all the best!

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