Mighty Mini Music Maven

Generally I tend to focus on the part of a wedding where I’m doing a lot of the talking and the couple is busy getting wed to each other.  But sometimes, other bits of enchantment catch my attention, and this photo is a beautiful illustration of just such a moment.

We were at Mills Riverside Park in Jericho, Vermont waiting for Ethan and Alicia to arrive. Well, actually, Ethan was already there. We were really waiting for Alicia to arrive. But I never like to blame the bride.

Anyway, the band played for a while before things got rolling, with a lovely set that included some of my favorite Sing-along-ables, including One Love, One Heart and Here Comes the Sun.

Much as I was enjoying the concert, this little guy was utterly into it.  He stood there, as documented in this photo, staring at the musicians, for a good 20 minutes until his mom had to pick him up because Alicia was about to walk down the aisle.

I would give a serious chunk of change to be able to travel into the future and see whether or not this micro-dude becomes a rock star.

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