Totally Committed – Part I

Ok, first off I just have to say that this is not an objective blog post.  Not that blog posts are meant to be objective, but I just have to put it out there: Caveat Emptor, people.  Or in the immortal words of our current President, “Let me be clear…”

I love Elizabeth Gilbert.  She’s beautiful, without being unreachably, enviably gorgeous.  She’s brilliant, but uses her powers for self-deprecating humor and communicating meaningful ideas, not for evil, manipulative politics or being a pillaging Robber Baroness.  She’s a devoted yogini, but she’s not all woo-woo about it.  She’s tall, blond, rich, and famous, but in no way can you hold any of those things against her, because none of those qualities are any part of what she’s about.

And, she’s got that vibe in her writing – much like the woman I like to call St. Anne of LaMott – which makes me think that if we ever met, we would be instantaneous best friends.  You know, shortly after being introduced, Liz would turn to me and say:

Gosh Kathy, I know we’ve just met, and that you’re not nearly as tall, blond, rich, or famous as I am, but I see that is merely a quirk of fate, and that you, too, have a planet-sized brain, a wicked, 12-year-old-boy sense of humor, and a deep compulsion to rescue humanity from itself.  I cannot help but love you instantaneously in a sisterhood/girl crush sort of way.   We must go drink tea and eat chocolate right this minute.  Tell me everything about you.

Aaaanyway, this is all mere prelude to the fact that I’m currently reading Committed, Miz Gilbert’s latest opus.  It’s the story of how, in spite of her soul-scraping aversion to the idea, the Department of Homeland Security made her get married to Felipe, her co-star in the “Love” section of Eat Pray Love.

In the interests of Pithy Bloggery, I’ll stop here.  I believe with missionary-esque zeal in short entries, so I’m anticipating a several-part series on my response to Committed.   This post is mere prologue.  But let me just say, so far, so good (the book, not my blog).

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