Wonderful Clients

I had a call scheduled last night with Mark and Monica, who are coming up from New York this weekend to get married in the tiny town of Vergennes.

They were hilarious and wonderful to talk to, and said they picked Vermont because they wanted to get married somewhere which allows gay marriage.  For them, it’s an issue of human rights and social justice.

But the best part was a couple of minutes before the call, they emailed me this photo, which is the view from their apartment, with the message:

Live view from our window…  If you happen to be listening to Frank Sinatra with a glass of wine in your hand – even if only in your mind – you’re right here with us!

It just so happened that I was listening to Shirley Bassey (Goldfinger theme song), which they told me was absolutely good enough.

Then, after the call they emailed to express their relief that I have a nice voice, and not one “like nails on a chalkboard, or some scary Buddy Hackett/female hybrid.”

Let me take this moment to reassure any prospective clients that while I don’t usually speak in a scary Buddy Hackett voice, I can absolutely work one up if that would make your wedding ceremony more personally meaningful.

After all, I live to serve.

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