The Horse Ate My…

Last Friday I officiated at the sweet little wedding of Desiree and Stephen in Stowe.  It was a small gathering, with both their families and their kids.

Thanks to Rochelle (and her beautiful white Percherons) at Gentle Giants Rides, we took a horse-drawn wagon through a park to a gazebo where we kicked out some picnickers, and quickly performed the ceremony.

Actually, we didn’t kick them out.  They were gone by the time we got there.  But we would have kicked them out.

While we were doing the matrimonial deed, the horses got their reins tangled, and Rochelle needed some assistance holding the horses while she unhitched, detangled, and re-hitched.

So the non-heels-wearing members of the party (i.e. the men) went over to lend a hand, and while Stephen was calming one of the horses, the other one ate his boutonniere.  That’s gratitude for ya.

Stephen and Julian – boutonniere still intact.

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