Kathryn Blume - Vermont Wedding Officiant

Rock Star Princess

"You helped make our wedding amazing! thank you for your professionalism and great attitude. your vows were perfect! Oh, and thank you for calling me a rock star princess- my friends thought I planned that!" - Tamsn

I hadn’t met Tamsn and Renny in person before the wedding, but once I got to the ceremony site at beautiful Button Bay State Park, and found Renny setting up the ceremony site himself, I immediately liked him.

Tamsn I met when she came down the isle – by herself – looking like she’d just won an Oscar, but was trying to play it cool. ¬†She had on this strapless, bell-shaped fairy dress and long rhinestone earrings with stars on the ends. ¬†Totally endearing and scrumptious!

So when I got to the part of the vows where I ask each partner if they’re ready to marry the other, I referred to Tamsn as a “rock star princess.”

Apparently it went over pretty well.

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