Midnight At The Treehouse


“We want to thank you again so much for everything Kathryn. Marriage is amazing and you helped us to make it all happen.”

Dee and Shannon met on line in 2nd Life, and managed to translate their romance to the Real World (although it took Shannon 3 solid months of asking Dee out before she finally said yes).

They’d originally contacted me about getting married next summer, but decided at the last minute that it was time to get married NOW!  So they piled themselves and their dog into their car, and drove 17 hours from Indiana to Burlington.

Their big goal was to get married at midnight in the now-famous treehouse at Oakledge Park, and brought a battalion of candles with them with which to light the ceremony.

When we got to the treehouse, it was empty but for a gigantic growler of beer and a large, beautifully intricate, blown glass bong.  We wondered who would have been so blasted out of their mind (or scared off) as to forget both the beer and the bong!

Then, just as we’d lit the candles and were about to start the ceremony, a young guy came riding into the treehouse on his bike, apologized for the interruption, grabbed his Implements of Destruction, and wheeled back out into the night.

The rest of the ceremony proceeded without further incident, Dee and Shannon went back to the hotel, caught a few tiny winks of sleep, piled back into the car, and drove the marathon home.

They just sent me this photo, and I’m so glad to know they made it back safely, and are loving the Married Life!

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