Opposites Attract


“Thank you for making our day so special. It was an absolutely perfect day.”    Photo by Lindsay Raymondjack

Donna (on the left) and Lisa weren’t sure they were going to make it to Vermont for their wedding because Donna’s home town got wiped out by one of those legendary Southern tornados. But Donna was determined to overcome any obstacles placed in her path and get herself hitched up to this gorgeous gal.

Turns out, they’d been facing obstacles since they first got together, since Donna is a cop and Lisa is a lawyer.  Apparently, these are two groups who, in their community, tend not to mix socially.  It’s very Montagues and Capulets.  So much so that Lisa says if she ever gets stopped for speeding, the LAST thing she should do is tell the cop she’s a lawyer.

Also, when they first met, Lisa says Donna had no idea she was hitting on her, and it took a while for the message to get through.  Through won out though.

Lisa’s also cracked me up when she said, after having spent several days in Burlington, “It’s casual Friday here every day!”

Too true.  You can wear heels and a dress here, but people will look at you funny.

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