Take 2

photos by Jennifer Kiewit

Jack and Mick got married at Oakledge Park the other day.  It’s such a wonderful spot to do ceremonies, as it’s less than 10 minutes from downtown Burlington, and just effortlessly beautiful.

Jack set up a video camera to record the ceremony, and then, with the heart of an auteur, switched the camera angle and asked me to repeat the vow section so that he’d have more footage to work with when he edited the film together.

They each pulled off their rings , and we started over.  But then just as Mick was finishing his vows – no less beautiful, meaningful, and tear-inducing than the first time – a big bug flew down my shirt.  A really big bug.  There was no faking ceremony then.  I absolutely had to shake myself out.

This resulted in what British actors call “corpsing.”   Uncontrollable giggles which bring a scene to a complete and crashing halt.

I bet not many wedding videos have out-takes.  But Jack now has plenty of material!

Losing it for the camera.

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