High On The 14th Green

Courtesy of a global pandemic, Jonathan and Kendall had their Vermont wedding postponed more than once, and really didn’t know whether or not they’d be able to get married at all.

Eventually, they realized they didn’t want to wait any longer and decide to elope. Fortunately, the staff at Spruce Peak had plenty of time on their hands, and rolled out the red – er – green carpet for them.

With pretty much all of the resort to choose from, Kendall and Jonathan decided to get married on the golf course, which is unique, in that it’s built up the side of one of the mountains, and you gain serious elevation going from hole to hole.

I wish I had a photo of the rugged trail which takes you on your Golfer’s Journey, or of the turbo-charged cart which brought us up there. But every time I tried to take a photo, the cart would lurch and I kept almost dropping my phone.

Still, you get the picture.

Along with helping these two lovely folks have a glorious September afternoon wedding, I also got to fulfill a lifelong fantasy of going barefoot on a professionally groomed green.

My toes were as happy as toes can be! I’d have taken a photo of that as well, but my pedicure was TERRIBLE that day!

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