Five Great Reasons to Get Married in Vermont


Truth be told, Vermont already has a fantastic reputation as a wedding destination.  The gorgeous, pastoral setting, the friendly, community-oriented people, and the well-developed year-round tourist industry make it a thoroughly delightful place to pledge your troth.

But just in case you’re unfamiliar with the Green Mountain State or are feeling a little on the fence about where to go, here are a few informational tidbits which might just help you head our way:

1) The Food

Vermont is a place deeply committed to a strong local food economy.  We’ve got the Vermont Fresh Network, which partners farmers and restaurants so that the food served travels a short distance from farm to table.  We’ve got numerous co-ops and farmers’ markets full of fresh produce, home-made cheese, and organic, free-range meat. We’ve got caterers who use locally-sourced food.  And we’ve got numerous pick-your-own opportunities on farms offering everything from berries and flowers in the summer to apples and pumpkins in the fall.  No matter which way you turn, you’re guaranteed a yummy marital experience.

2) The Music

Vermont may be a tiny, rural state, but you can’t swing a cat without hitting an amazing bunch of musicians.  We’ve got world-class bands playing folk, bluegrass, swing, funk, jazz, reggae, and, of course, a wedding march or two.  No matter what corner of the state you’re in, if you’re looking for a band to rock your reception, a post-rehearsal night of contra dancing, or a fun music festival wile away a sunny summer afternoon, you’ll find yourself well and greatly entertained.

3) The Towns

Even in These, Our Modern Times, Vermont is a state deeply committed to maintaining its local communities and small town character and traditions.  Walk down the main street of Bristol or Montpelier or Brattleboro, and you’ll see an abundance of locally-owned stores, as well as people who look each other in the eye and say hello as they walk down the street.  What better way to begin a life together than in an open-hearted, authentic community.

4) The Inns

If you’re searching for an alternative to having your wedding in a sterile, cookie-cutter hotel, you’ll do no better than one of Vermont’s many inns.  Usually located on the site of a former farm,  you’ll find charming antique-filled bedrooms, barns converted into gorgeous halls, beautiful gardens, and owners who are there to greet you and help you create the most magical wedding possible.

5) The Marriage Laws

Getting married in Vermont is beyond easy.  You can get a license from any town clerk, and there are no special requirements; no waiting period, no witness, no blood test necessary.  All the ceremony needs is you, your intended, and an Officiant.  While the ceremony can be as elaborate as you wish, it also doesn’t need to be any longer than:

Officiant: Do you two to want to marry each other?

You Two: Yes!

Officiant: You’re married!

Plus, gay marriage is legal in Vermont.  And whether or not you’re gay, if you believe in social justice and marriage equity, Vermont is the place to be.

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