Tips To Green Up Your Wedding

1.    Hold the wedding outside and/or during the day for natural lighting.
2.    Use locally grown flowers or potted plants for decorations and bouquets.
3.    Have the ceremony and the reception in the same place so people don’t have to do a lot of extra driving.
4.    Use beeswax candles (conventional candles are made with petroleum products).
5.    Use recycled or antique rings since gold and diamond mining are very environmentally and socially destructive.
6.    Wear vintage/rented/hemp clothes.
7.    Use a local clothing designer.
8.    Have the bridesmaids pick their own dresses in the color palate of your choice.  Women of different body types will look better than if they’re wearing the same dress, and they’re more likely to wear the dress again.
9.    Serve seasonal, organic, and locally grown food and wine at the reception.
10.    Compost all left-over food or donate to a food bank.
11.    Use hand-made paper invitations, seating cards, and place mats.  You can even add wild flower or herb seeds to the paper pulp mixture.  Then guests can plant them and they’ll sprout into flowers or herbs.
12.    Use the internet. Paper is nice for invitations and personal thank you cards after the wedding, but Save The Date, RSVP, and shower invitations can all be done electronically, saving paper.
13.    Use fun salvaged items for thank-you cards such as old postcards, gift cards, and scraps of wrapping paper from the shower and wedding
14.    Do a non-traditional wedding registry of money, time, skills, or information.  For example:
a.    Donations to your favorite eco-charity
b.    A copy of a favorite family recipe.
c.    Cooking
d.    Childcare
e.    Music lessons
f.    Gardening
g.    Massage
h.    Add funds towards a honeymoon or new home purchase

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