Tips For Including Nature In Your Ceremony

1.    Hold your ceremony outside, and acknowledge the beauty of the setting.
2.    Use poems or readings from celebrated nature writers such Mary Oliver, Gary Snyder, or Wendell Berry
3.    As the guests enter, have attendants ritually wash their hands in bowls filled with water and flower petals as they welcome your guests to the ceremony.  Make sure there are attendants to dry peoples’ hands as well!  It sets a lovely, ceremonial tone, and allows you to have more friends actively participate in the ceremony.
4.    Invoke the four elements of earth, air, fire, and water by either mentioning them directly, such as by saying: We honor the four element or include the four elements on your altar by using flowers, candles, water, and incense.
5.    In the ceremony, mention the cycles of nature as a way of acknowledging the many cycles your relationship will go through during your years together.
6.    As you make your vows to each other, and to your relationship, also vow to honor and care for nature, and to use the growth and learning which comes from your marriage to help you be better stewards or healers of the planet.
7.    Offer flowers or plants (locally grown) to your family and friends as a way of honoring their support for your relationship.
8.    Depending on where you hold your ceremony, you might be able to plant a tree to honor your marriage or to honor friends or family who can’t be there with you.
9.    Include in your vows a specific promise to reduce your carbon footprint (sure, it’s not romantic, but it’s really, really important).
10.     Remember and acknowledge how large the universe truly is, and how fortunate you are to have found each other   in the vast infinity of space and time.

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