Spotlit by Thumbtack!

If you’re not familiar with Thumbtack, it’s a website where one can find local resources and services of almost any kind.  And if you’re a resource provider, like, oh, say, a Wedding Officiant, it can hook you up with potential clients.

Every once in a while, they will do a profile of a particular service provide from a selected geographic region, and in the realm of Wedding Officiants Near Rutland, Vermont, they have most kindly chosen to profile me!

They picked one of my all-time favorite photos to display – taken by the inimitable Karen Pike:

And their representative Ashley Brown wrote up a lovely profile of me and my business.

They’ve been nothing but supportive and encouraging, and I deeply appreciate the level of respect and detail they brought to the table as we were putting this profile together.

Hopefully, they can help provide you with a valuable service as well!



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