Speed Record!

Bridget and Kiefer

Bridget and Kiefer

I was driving into Burlington with my husband Mark when I got a call from Bridget and Kiefer.  They were in town and wanting, for numerous reasons, to get married right away. They’d already picked up their license at City Hall and were just looking for someone who could hitch ’em up ASAP in City Hall Park (despite the frigid temperatures).

I told them I was already on my way in, and that I could meet them in 20 minutes.  Always a fan of Love, Mark hit the gas, and we made it to town in 18 minutes and change.

Bridget and Kiefer were so sweet – like a couple of punky pierced puppies.  They’d met when Kiefer rescued Bridget from his roommate who was hitting on her, he said, “Like a jackhammer on a small animal.”  And they’d been inseparable every since.

I asked if they wanted an actual ceremony or to have me do a “Poof!  You’re married!” sort of thing.  They preferred short and sweet, so I asked them if they were sure they wanted to get married – and married to each other.  They said absolutely yes.  I asked them if they were prepared to stick it out through the hard times, and they said they’d already had plenty of those and yes, they were ready.  So I said, “Ok, I pronounce you united in marriage!” They smooched, and the deed was done!

They definitely win my all-time Contact-To-Kiss speed record!  I’d have to be hanging out right at City Hall and trolling for couples for a ceremony to happen any faster.  I wish I’d had a trophy or t-shirts for them or something…



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