Sorry to Wed and Run…

I was at rehearsal the other day for my latest gig, Sylvia, in which I play a dog.  But that’s beside the point.

On a break around 5pm, I checked my email, and had a message from a woman named Maia, saying that she and her girlfriend Michelle were on their way up to Vermont from South Carolina, and wanted/needed to get married right away, and could I help them.

I wrote her back and said that I was in rehearsal, but my next 10 minute break was at 7, and if they could come to the theater, I’d marry them right then and there.

Which is what they did.  The lighting designer made the lights look all pretty, and the cast and crew gathered around, and since we had so little time, they didn’t seem to want anything fancy, and I was hardly prepared anyway, the ceremony went as follows:

Kathryn: So you gals want to get married?

Maia and Michelle: Yes!

Kathryn: Right here?  In front of everyone?

Maia and Michelle: Yes!

Kathryn: Ok!  You’re married!  Have a great big kiss!

They kissed and handed me the license and went off to get some dinner, and we all went back to rehearsal.  It happened so fast, I never even got a picture.  But rest assured they were adorable!

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

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