Seriously. Not Psychic. But…


As has been documented in these pages before, while I, in no way, consider myself psychic, I do happen to have a quirkily uncanny sartorial karma. It manifests in my ability to wear pretty much exactly the right thing to a wedding. Now, when I know what colors the Happy Couple have chosen, then wearing the right thing is essentially a gimme.

But when I’m meeting up with a couple of Elopers, you never know what threads they’re gonna be sporting, and whether I’ll be essentially ok, or a resident of Hard Clash City. Most of the time, though, from orange dresses to fishnet stockings, I manage to match like a champ. How? I dunno. Don’t ask. It’s a gift.

Today’s wedding of Jon and Julie was no exception.

Julie and Jon had driven up from Rhode Island at the last minute with their dog Maggie to find some sweet spot somewhere in Vermont to get hitched. They weren’t sure where they wanted to do the deed; perhaps Burlington or at my house in Charlotte. They finally settled on taking a hike up to a mountain lake outside of Brandon.

photo 4

That would have been fine, but for the fact that I’m suffering from a cold right now and my energy level is down around my ankles. My sinuses and I are NOT really in the mood for a hike.

Fortunately, they were very accommodating and found an Interfaith Nature Path outside of Ripton, complete with a small stone labyrinth. Flat, short walk, shady in the trees…easy peasy.

photo 3

The labyrinth was lovely and heartful, and even had a stone in the center with a basket on it where people make offerings in thanks. It was really perfect. They loved it, the photographer loved it, Maggie the Dog loved it.

photo 2

So it was pretty cosmically perfect anyway, but this is where I also feel the need to note the fact that, with nary a hint of preparation or coordination, I managed to match them pretty darn well.

photo 1 Like I said, it’s a gift.

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