Oakledge Magic

"Thank you for the most wonderful wedding ceremony. We enjoyed every second."

Valeska and Addis flew up from Florida for a last minute Vermont Elopement.  They told me that they’d known each other for years, but that suddenly, something “happened.”  They both never expected to find themselves this happy, this in love.  They told me they felt that God had brought them together, and made their lives complete.

We had a lovely ceremony over at Oakledge Park, my favorite spot for insta-magic.  There were lots of midsummer picnickers around, but we found a quiet little spot just as the sun was setting, performed the ceremony, and then managed to get this shot without either of them falling backwards into the water.

I left them there for a little post-ceremony snorgling, and stopped off at a picnic shelter to use the restroom before heading home.  There was a family reunion taking place at the shelter, and just as I approached, a little boy, maybe 2 or 3, peeled off from the party, walked up to me, and said, “Do you have to go potty?”

“Yes,” I said.  “I do.”

“It’s here!” he said, and escorted me into the bathroom.  We stopped at the one working stall, which he indicated with a courtly flourish.

After I did my biz, he walked me over to the sink, and though he could barely reeeeaaaaach, he turned on the water so that I could wash my hands.

We walked out of the bathroom, I thanked him profusely, he gave a little bow, and returned to the festivities.

Sometimes the Oakledge Magic is just in the ceremony, but really, it’s all over the place.

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