Frolicking With Amy And Bill

Amy and Bill got married at Grand Summit at Mount Snow in West Dover, VT.  I frequently do small gatherings in demure locations, and it was a remarkble contrast.  Grand Summit is, well, grand!  And impressive!  See for yourself:

But the whole thing was hardly stuffy.  It was lovely, and Amy and Bill included some remarkably whimsical touches.  They had flower petals lining the walkway:

The UVM TopCats singing Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid:

Signs indicating Amy’s special status:

And a great deal of jumping and smooching:

Unfortunately, what I can’t show you was the end of the ceremony (I was a little busy). When I originally met with Amy and Bill to talk with them about the ceremony, Amy declared that even though she isn’t Jewish, and it’s hardly usual for a woman, she wanted to stomp on a glass and have everyone shout “Mazel Tov!” just because she thinks it’s a great tradition.  I told her that as long as she wore hard-soled shoes, she could stomp on anything she liked.  And so she did.

The crowd went wild.

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