A Baker’s Almost Dozen

Lorianna and Scott

Lorianna and Scott came up from Oklahoma to get married at the Birch Ridge Inn in Killington (very, very close to where the Elf Princess and the Marlboro Man got hitched). When I asked them why Vermont, they said, basically, because they’d never been here before and wanted an adventure!


They told me they’d been together over 11 years, and that they’d first met at work. Lorianna thought Scott was pretty cute, but wanted a “legitimate” way to get to know him. So she started a Film Club, just so that there’d be a way to suss him out in a non-suspicious manner. Very clever.

When I asked why it took them over 11 years to get married, they said that they’re both pretty independent people and that they were just waiting for the right time. Which says to me that when it comes to relationships, nothing HAS to be any way. We should all get exactly the relationship we want, according to our nature and needs.

All 3 small

And, oh, by the way, I know this isn’t at all about my sartorial choices, but check out these awesome red shoes I found! SCORE!

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