Ticking Clock!


I’ll add the photo from the actual wedding when Ellie’s sister sends it along.  But this was just so funny I wanted to write about it right away.

So, yesterday afternoon, I went over to the little hamlet of St. George, VT to perform a kitchen wedding for Ellie and Ben.

They’d met while working at Burton Snowboards, are madly in love, and Ben has a beautiful relationship with Ellie’s 7 year old son Keane.

They were very excited to get married – and a little pressed for time, as Ellie is about 11 months pregnant.  Just kidding.  But she is really, really, really pregnant.  In fact, as of this writing, she might not be pregnant anymore!

Yup, as Ellie and Ben moved to the spot in the kitchen where he’d proposed, Keane perched on a stool, Ellie’s mom and sister gathered round, and Ben’s parents joined in on Skype, Ellie announced that she was having serious contractions, and wasn’t going to be able to stand up for much longer, so we better get on with it!

This might explain why there was so much crying…

But what a post-post-modern wedding!  From the rapid bridal dilation to the parental techno-participation, to the fact that Ben read his vows off his iPhone, this was definitely a ceremony to remember.

They’ll be re-hitching up in October with a big, fancy party-style wedding, but it’s hard to imagine anything topping this!



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  1. What a great story – Congratulations to Ellie, Ben and Keane on the wedding and the new addition to your family.

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