Listen up, People!  Because I am such a generous and giving soul, I am finally (albeit a little reluctantly) joining the fight to overturn Prop 8 in California.

Don’t get me wrong.  Of course I want this hideous little piece of hate crime to go down in a fiery ball of shame and utter annihilation.

My only struggle is that overturning the gay marriage ban will cut down on my Left Coast clientele – and you folks are important!

However, given my Other Life as a climate activist, it seems a Just And Righteous Thing to help gay people get married in their own home state, thus reducing the amount of greenhouse gasses emitted by all that Flying-To-Vermont-To-Get-Hitched-By-Me.

I mean, you might still do it anyway, since Vermont is so chock full of Awesome, but at least you’ll have options.  And isn’t that what we want in our consumer-driven culture? Limitless options?  Oh, whoops.  Wrong issue.  Wrong rant.

Ok.  We now return you to your regularly scheduled programming (and don’t forget to buy the t-shirt):

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