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CarbonFree Blog

Here at Vermont Wedding Officiant, it’s all about The Love.  And there’s no better way of showing the Most Important Love for the Most Important Beloved of all – our sweet, slightly feverish little blue ball called Home – than by doing our utmost to reduce our carbon emissions.

Thanks to the good folks at Carbonfund, we are now able to make this blog CarbonFree®!

It’s a deeply challenging task to live a sustainable, low-impact lifestyle – particularly in the developed world.  There is almost no action we can take which doesn’t have some planetary consequence – and therefore no action we can take for which we can’t assume a measure of responsibility.

It’s up to all of us to help each other craft planet-healing lives – a complex and never-ending process to be sure.   Mostly, we know that we cannot do it alone.  So, blessings and hosannahs to Carbonfund for making this piece of the task just a little bit easier.

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